Hara Kiri

By Clemént Morin – Jesper and Sebastian started their business 3 years ago, in 2010. When they received their first shipment of secret spices, the box was printed with skull on it. This would have scared away any reasonable person, they decided to serve it on a hot dog!
There are 3 conditions to be able to challenge the spiciest hot dog in the world : Be over 18, sign a disclaimer stating that you take the full responsibility of the consequences this might have on your health, and wear protective plastic gloves.
The rules are simple : to win the contest you must finish this deadly sausage within 5 minutes without drinking or adding anything on it. Any spilling will be followed by a red card, sign of disqualification.
The winner get a T-shirt certifying their exploit.
“We started this 3 years ago and I’m amazed that people still want to buy it!” says Jesper like a bad kid proud of his evil prank.