The Party of the Swedes

By Margareta Bloom Sandebäck – Svenskarnas parti (SvP), “The Party of the Swedes”, is a Swedish neo-Nazi party, previously called the National Socialist Front. The Swedish Security Service regards the change of name purely cosmetic. SvP got 4,189 votes in the Swedish general elections in 2014, which is equivalent to 0.07 %, but still featured frequently in the press and managed to stir up rage and uproar in the streets as well as in the press. Sweden faces a new era, where racism has grown to become a powerful political force. The party describes itself as nationalist and seeks to limit Swedish citizenship to individuals that belong to the “Western genetic and cultural legacy”. SvP is against democracy and wants a homogeneous population, where ethnicity and biological heritage is central. Citizenship given to immigrants before 1975 would be reviewed and a process for the deportation of “non-swedes” would be initiated. SvP supports the National Democratic Party of Germany (NDP), whose leader proclaims that “Europe belongs to the white, and shall so remain.”