Tomorrow is a brighter day

By Jacob Zocherman – After decades of civil war in Sudan, the south part of the country broke away in 2011 and South Sudan was born. Around 3 million people had died during the bloody struggle. And when peace finally arrived between the Muslim north and the Christian south, it did not last long. In December 2013 a political struggle between president Salva Kiir and vice president Riek Machar, escalated to armed conflict between the two biggest tribes in the country, the Dinkas (Kiir) and the Nuers (Machar). The international community helplessly watched when the country imploded in a new civil war. In 2014, 1,5 millions were forced to flee their homes, a famine was approaching and tribal motivated killings between Dinkas and Nuers became reality. The people in South Sudan yet again faced enormous challenges because of war. To find a way to overcome the suffering, they looked for the future. With hopes of a brighter tomorrow.