Magnus Laupa

Phone: +46 (0)706 419 125
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Magnus Laupa, Photographer and CEO at Kontinent. He was one of the founders of the agency in year 2000 and today he´s running the agency together with Fredric Alm. He also works as a full time working Photojournalist. He works for Swedish and international press and has been published in most of the major swedish newspapers and magazines. Prizewinner in Swedish Picture of the year in 2001, 2004, 2009 and in the contest, The Photographers Giving Back Award 2009. “As a Photojournalist I have one of the best and the most difficult professions in the world. I feel privileged, but at the same time responsible to the people I meet in my work. Especially when they let me into their lives, filled with joys and sorrows. To portray their lives fairly and respectfully is an important task. When I show my pictures to the world I feel I give back some part of what I have been given during my missions. My experience has told me that mankind is all alike in this world, and at the same time we are all unique. Love, respect, heart: they all have the same values in every culture. The agency Kontinent is a platform for ideas. This is a place where photographers gather and help each other to realize their visions and evolve in their work.”