Vilhelm Stokstad

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My main interest lies in longer term documentary projects. In 2013 i started working on the project Voluntourism, investigating the phenomenon of mixing volunteer work with vacation. As the larger NGOs and more established volunteer agencies, such as the Red Cross, demand a higher level of education and expertise, the travel agencies focusing on volunteering offer a quick and easy way of traveling, often letting uneducated, young people care for orphans or teach english. Ive spent a couple of months in Malawi and Tanzania as well as in Sweden.

Since 2012 i have been documenting a tibetan refugee seeking asylum in Sweden. At first as a way to explore the tibetan situation from outside the country, but since the project has evolved to a intimate story about family, relations and migration. During 2016 i went with Dawa Tsering, to visit his family which now also have fled tibet, ten years later, to ry to get them to the Swedish embassy in New Delhi.

Other works include reportage stories from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tibet, India, Moldova, as well as more current events and breaking news. I am a member of Kontinent Agency and work regularly for Swedens largest news agency TT, as well as both national and international media, producing photo stories, video pieces and written journalism.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden.