Established in 2000, Kontinent Agency represents many of Sweden’s foremost photojournalists. Besides day to day reportage, Kontinent photographers also work on in-depth documentary projects, bringing light to often unreported stories. More than 30 photographers contribute stories about an ever changing and an ever more complex world. 

In 2015 the Agency began its Cultural program. Designed to go beyond the published image, Kontinent Culture is a platform for exhibitions, workshops and lectures. Through Kontinent Culture, it is hoped that a wider audience will gain a deeper understanding of stories in need of all our attention.

Kontinent, an independent Photo Agency, run by its photographers, stand by its founding principle of giving voice to the voiceless.

Office phone: +46 7 36 37 46 04
Kontinent Agency AB
Kocksgatan 17 k
116 24 Stockholm

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CEO / Managing Director 
tel +46 (0) 706 419 125

Managing Director
+46 (0) 768 349 383

Photo Editor 
tel +46 (0) 736 374 604

Cultural / Exhibition Manager
tel +46 (0) 722 629 614