Mines, Minerals and Machines

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By Martin Edström – Experience the gold rush of Burma, and all of its effects on people and the environment, in this interactive 360/VR-story. (Available in English in January 2016)

Civil war is raging. Rebels clash with the army, fighting for control of gold, jade and rubies. The wealth of this region could have been used for local development. Instead the precious minerals cause conflict and crack the delicate state of democracy. Join us on a journey between mines, markets, minerals and massive machines. We will pass through ramshackle rebel huts, army headquarters and come close to a forbidden city where the respect for human rights has been all but erased by international companies.

You control the story, by choosing where to go.

Experience the full interactive at blankspot.se

Produced for Blank Spot Project in 2015

Journalist: Carolina Jemsby
Photographer: Martin Edström
Photography Assistant: Emil Wesolowski
Editors: Martin Schibbye and Nils Resare