The pen over the sword

By Jacob Zocherman – Afghanistan is rated near the bottom of the list of countries in the press freedom index measured by Reporters Without Borders. The country presents tough obstacles for the news media. The Killid Group fights at this media war’s frontline. Publishing magazines and newspapers as well as broadcasting 24-hour radio, the media group wields great influence over public opinion in the country. But the security situation is precarious for individuals who challenge conservative powers. And women journalists are the most affected. Sohaila Wida Khamosh has been beaten by the police three times since she began reporting. The Killid Group, where she works, has received threats from the Taliban. A government regarded as corrupt makes it difficult to report on what’s happening in the country. Though the media climate in Afghanistan can seem dire, Khamosh never stops believing. She refuses to give up hope that her country can be reformed. Text by: Joakim Wedholm