Linda Forsell

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Linda Forsell is a freelancing photojournalist based in New York. She works with variation of shorter assignments and longer projects, and has been published in for example Vice Magazine, the New Yorker, la Repubblica and most major Scandinavian publications. Together with Karin Alfredsson and Kerstin Weigl she traveled to ten countries, documenting violence against women in the world, in the project Cause of Death: Woman. In the beginning of 2012 the result was launched at and in 2013 it was awarded the special recognition in the Swedish picture of the year. Her project, Life’s a blast, from Israel and Palestine, became a book in 2012, at the same time as it was exhibited in Stockholm, Sweden. The series was one of the finalists of Magnum Expression Award in 2010, and it was shown at the Noorderlicht photo festival in 2009. Linda has also received recognition from the Swedish Arts Foundation, the Lead Awards, Flash Magenta Award and a nomination in Magnum Emergency Fund among others.Her photography has been exhibited internationally in for example London, Holland and the US.