Ola Torkelsson

Phone: +46 (0)733 327 400
Mail: info@olatorkelsson.com
Personal website: www.olatorkelsson.com

Based in Malmoe, Sweden, photographer Ola Torkelsson specializes in portrait- and documentary photography. 
He works for Swedish and International clients in Sweden and abroad. Ola has covered people, social issues and politics from the US Presidential elections to the Arab spring. Ola has held staff positions at the picture Agency Pressens Bild AB / Scanpix, Stockholm, Sweden and at newspapers Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm and Sydsvenskan, Malmö before starting his own freelance business based in Malmö. Ola Torkelsson has studied Political Science, Law, Economic History, Arabic, Photography, and National Economics focusing on third world economy at the University of Lund and at Stockholm University. He has also studied Arabic at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon and Journalism at Poppius School of Journalism in Stockholm. Ola speaks Swedish, English and German. For inquiries about assignments, please e-mail or phone.