A real father

By Rickard Kilström – The fertility rates in Europe are bad, in some countries is they are disastrous. Sweden is one of the best baby producing countries in Europe thanks to its family policy. Helping modern families combine work and family with cheap and good day-care and long parental leave for both parents. Even if it is still more common that the mothers take the heavier load, the modern fathers are starting to step up to the challenge. Petter Högberg, a man in the middle of his career as a real estate consultant, took 10 months off from work to stay at home with his second child, while his wife Lotta took on a new challenging job and pursued her career. Petter’s wife Lotta was tired of Cafe Latte’s and Petter wanted to take more responsibility for his children. Life as a stay-at-home dad is filled with conflicts, crying and chaotic mornings, but also hugs, laughter, and lots of love. And, most importantly, a real connection with his children.