Son Doong 360

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By Martin Edström – Combining an important story with innovative storytelling, the world’s largest cave has been immortalized in an interactive story. Backed by National Geographic and numerous sponsors, Martin Edström and his team mounted a successful expedition to Hang Son Doong in Vietnam in early 2015.

The World’s Largest Cave

Hang Son Doong in Vietnam is the world’s largest cave. It’s opening was discovered in the early 1990s, but the cave wasn’t fully explored until in 2009. Scientists have just begun to unravel its many unique features and describe its specific ecology.

The Threat of Tourism

In 2014, plans to build massive infrastructure inside Son Doong became public. One such plan was to build a cable-car system inside the cave, which would greatly alter the cave’s pristine condition. This was met with a massive outcry from conservationists and cave scientists, as well as from parts of the general public. These potential developments gave urgency to this project: telling the story of Son Doong before it was too late.

In January 2015 Martin Edström and his team mounted an expedition to Son Doong. The result was a next-generation digital story, covering large parts of the cave in 360° images and audio. This interactive and immersive experience from the cave lets you explore the cave for yourself.

As if you were there.

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Produced with help from the National Geographic Exploration Fund in 2015

Photographer and producer: Martin Edström
Assistant Photographers: Erik Hinnerdal, Mats Kahlström
Communications: Fredrik Edström
Assistants: Alfred Runow, Katja Adolphson, Sebastian Zethreaus
Expedition team: Oxalis, Son Trach, Vietnam
Editorial staff at National Geographic