Water to kill for

By Jacob Zocherman – Dam construction in southern Ethiopia is meant to guarantee large parts of the Ethiopian energy supply, but the price is high: over a half million people risk starvation when the river they live on is choked off. Now the conflict for resources is escalating and many fear a deadly war for water in Turkana, Kenya’s borderland to Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan. Turkana’s water, already a root cause for widespread armed conflicts, particularly in the northern parts of the region. People there live according to older traditions. Most of them support themselves by herding and live a nomadic life, wandering in search of water and pasturelands. But in recent years extreme drought has made it difficult to find water for livestock. – The next war won’t be about oil. It will be about water. And that war is already here, says Joseph Elim, coordinator at Riam Riam, Turkana’s network for preventing conflicts.