Mormon Singles Camp

Hundreds of young unmarried Mormons gathered for dance party at the FestiNord festival. By midnight the dance floor had reached a fever pitch. No alcohol was served. Mormons don´t drink. Photo: Magnus Laupa / Kontinent


By Magnus Laupa 170725-170726 Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Mormons from all over the world flock to Sweden for party. They are all 18 to 30 years of age. And unmarried. In the hometown of Jasmina Karjalainen, Kajaani, the only other Mormon of the same age is her own sister. This summer, the Festinord camp, also known as “Party in The North”, gathers around 750 young people, from 31 countries. Many people attend the festival because it is fun to meet friends from the same community. At the same time, the camp has, in many young people’s minds, another, more informal purpose: to find true love.