Through our exhibitions program, we hope to give a wider audience a deeper understanding of stories in need of all our attention. Kontinent Culture offers a wide variety of exhibitions for museums, institutions and cultural spaces worldwide.

Children in war

By Niclas Hammarström


‘Children in war’ reflects the terrifying spectrum of physical and psychological suffering faced by millions of children living in war and conflict zones throughout the world today.

Children are the most vulnerable members of society, and therefore the greatest victims of war. Through a selection of images from ve countries this exhibition depicts the situation of 1/8 of the world’s children today as one in eight children is born into a conflict zone. In order to reflect the scope of this suffering, Hammarström traveled to cover ve different conflicts on four continents. The exhibition consists of stories from Iraq, Afghanistan, Honduras, the Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Transforming Our World

Group exhibition


In the exhibition Transforming Our World, Kontinent’s photographers come together to interpret the UNs 2030 Agenda. Through this exhibition, a wider audience will be able to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the UNs vision for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future.
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Hundred Times the Difference

By Moa Karlberg


In ‘Hundred Times the Difference’ the photographer emphasizes the theme of maternal mortality rates and the necessity for good maternity care. In this widely published series, the photographer has documented women giving birth in Sweden, which has among the world’s lowest maternal mortality rates, and Tanzania where the risk of dying during childbirth is a hundred times higher.
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By Niclas Hammarström


The exhibition ‘Syria’ depicts the impact of the conflict in Syria between 2012 and 2013. During several visits to Syria, Hammarström documented the suffering of civilians and the country’s decline. Without endeavouring to veil the harsh reality, Hammarström’s photographs capture the truths of a civil war, which has led to the largest displacement of people in our times.
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Children Having Children

By Linda Forsell


The exhibition ‘Children Having Children’ aims to raise awareness of gender-based violence in order to eliminate all violence against girls/women. During 2014, Linda Forsell, travelled to Guatemala to document the harsh reality faced by young girls having children. In a country with strict abortion laws, 5,100 girls between the ages of 10 and 14, gave birth as a result of rape in 2013. ‘Children Having Children’ creates a powerful platform for debate on the greater structure behind gender inequality, the rights of children, and the significance of reproductive health.
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By Anders Hansson


There are now more than 60 million people seeking refuge worldwide. Award-winning photojournalist Anders Hansson has for over a decade documented their lives. His images from the refugee camps of the Congo to Afghanistan, Syria, Serbia and Lebanon show us  the daily lives of those who have been forced to abandon the place they call 'home'.
The exhibition Flykt attempts to bring a greater awareness to the public of the realities faced by millions of refugees every day and is the result of the publication of the book 'Flykt' published in collaboration with the Red Cross.


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