By Niklas Björling – He who is to be deported from Sweden is to be transportable, meaning that the person can be moved and sent back to his/her country of birth. This without any insurances of adequate medical assistance in that country. In this photographic project that I am working on, I meet children whom are “transportable”, in that sense that they lay there still and quiet, can be moved and flown home to their homeland. But can a civilized society accept children without the ability to eat, talk nor communicate in any way to be treated as portable goods? These innocent children, trapped in a political net without the strength to free themselves, deserve to feel secure and safe, to be given their natural rights to a worthy life filled with opportunities and hope, just like any other children. By giving all the refugee children with severe withdrawal symptoms a face outwards, I hope to open the eyes and heart of every observer.Some of the children names are fictitious, to prevent from jeopardizing their safety.