Amish moment in present time

By Linda Forsell – From December to April each year buses are filled in Ohio and Pennsylvania heading for Pinecraft, Florida. The passengers are yearning for sun and the beach, but they differentiate from the regular tourist in one significant way. They are all Amish.\rAfter the harvesting season is over and the chores on the farm is at its lowest,approximately 5000 Amish find their way to Pinecraft each year. Alike their home cities, this beach paradise has in some sense stopped in time and modernities are few. But here many Amish surrender to some luxury like hiring a cell phone and a driver to take them to the beach. Talking to one of it\’s year round residents she repeatedly marks that \”what happens in Florida stays in Florida\”.\r\rThe Amish people count to approximately 227000. They are an anabaptist christian group in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, characterized by living outside society, allowing no technical evolution or modernities.We have traveled to Pinecraft to describe their short time in the presence where they are allowed to play mini golf, bike or turn a light switch.