Volonturism in Expressen
April 3rd, 2014

Vilhlem Stokstad’s story was published in the Swedish newspaper Expressen.


Photographer Niclas Hammarström awarded with Swedish Picture of the Year 2014
March 8th, 2014


photo by Magnus Laupa

Congratulations to Niclas Hammarström who was awarded with the prestigious Swedish Picture of

the Year 2014 prize!

In addition to this prize Niclas was also awarded with the 1st prizes in the categories “Portrait of the Year” and “Photoreportage abroad”.

His work on Syria is visible Kontinent’s website :

- Dar al-Shifa Hospital, Aleppo

- Daily Life During War Time

- The Syrian Hell

1st Prize in UNICEF Photo Award
March 5th, 2014


We are very pleased to announce today that Kontinent photographer Niclas Hammarström was awarded the first prize in the UNICEF photo contest for his work “Syria’s forgotten child victims”.

You can see the pictures from the two series that were sent for the competition here : The Dar al-Shifa Hospital and Life during war time in Aleppo.

Kontinent would like to thank specifically Pro Center for graciously printing the photos that were sent to UNICEF.

More information about the award can be found on UNICEF’s website.

Nollywood story in Swiss “Die Woche”
February 4th, 2014

Casper Hedberg’s story was published in the Swiss magazine Die Woche.


Guantanamo story in German “Fokus”
February 4th, 2014

Ola Torkelsson’s story on the prisoners from Guantanamo was published in the German magazine Fokus.

FOCUS_48_2013_Tearsheet 12-49-53

FOCUS_48_2013_Tearsheet 12-49-53

FOCUS_48_2013_Tearsheet 12-49-53

Nomination to Swedish Picture of the Year 2013!
February 4th, 2014

Congratulations to Niclas Hammarström who was nominated in the Swedish Picture of the Year Award contest! The winners will be announced on March 8th in Sundsvall. More information about Årets Bild is available on their webpage: www.aretsbild.se

Photographer Niclas Hammarström released from Syria
January 10th, 2014

The whole Kontinent team is very happy to welcome home our colleague and friend Niclas Hammarström and journalist Magnus Falkehed!

Niclas and Magnus landed on January 9th in Stockholm after 46 days of captivity in Syria. They first had the chance to spend some time with their relatives before doing a press conference for the Swedish media.

A warm welcome to both of them!


Magnus Falkehed (left) and Niclas Hammarström (right), after the press conference.

Photo by Clément Morin

Photographer Niclas Hammarström abducted in Syria
November 27th, 2013

The Kontinent members are concerned and sadden by the news that our friend and colleague Niclas Hammarström, together with journalist Magnus Falkehed, were abducted while on their way out of Syria, close to the border with Lebanon.

All our thoughts are with them and their families.

For more information regarding Niclas’ pictures from Syria, please contact our picture editor at clement@kontinent.se

Documenting Guantánamo: Behind the scenes
November 15th, 2013


Ola Torkelsson was allowed to photograph detainees through a slot in the steel door.
The prisoners gathered in a common room in prison to pray. Photo by Ola Torkelsson / Kontinent

Interview with Photojournalist Ola Torkelsson.

How did you get access?

We contacted The Guantanamo Base by the U.S. Military and sent a request. They organize tours for the press on a regular basis.

Where you regulated in what you could photograph in there?

Yes, the working circumstances was very regulated. The military guards tells you what is allright or not to photograph. But I guess just to show the uncomfortable environment tells a lot about the absurd reality for the prisoners who are detained in here.

Were your pictures censored?

The military looked through all my memory cards after a days work. And deleted the ones they presumed to sensitive to be shown for the public.

You are not allowed to show any prisoners face. Some areas or departments are also strictly prohibited to photograph.

Camp No, is one of these restricted areas were they detain the “high security inmates”, an area named for the answer you always receive when you ask about it´s existence, “No, it´s not existing”. Anyway, I managed to take some photographs at “Camp No” but those pictures were deleted directly .

Can you describe in words the content of any of these deleted images ?

A camp far away with buildings.

Did you have any contact with the prisoners?

No, not directly but we had (through a prisoner’s Attorney) received permission to interview a specific prisoner but the military said No. But when I was photographing a corridor inside one of the prison buildings, some of the interns tried to communicate with us and managed to shout out a message in Arabic.

- “The army # U.S. # not leave detainee in Guantánamo to take pray in Ramadan or to take anything . 
( ” U.S. army does not let the inmates at Guantanamo pray during Ramadan or do anything “)

View the story “Prayers from Guantánamo” here…

- Guantanamo extra legal prison – Authorised was 12 years ago today. Out of 779 detainees, only seven have been convicted and sentenced .

- Currently 73 prisoners are on hunger strike, (according to the military at Guantánamo on 19th of July).

- 46 prisoners are so badly off that they are force-fed .

- 3 of the hunger strikers are in hospital

Ola Torkelsson also photographed the story about U.S. military drones – unmanned aircraft. View the story “Drones war USA” here…

Journalist of the Year
November 14th, 2013

Kontinent Photographer Niclas Hammarström and Reporter Staffan Heimerson received the Swedish award of “Journalist of the Year” by Sveriges Tidskrifter for their publication on Syria in the magazine Café.


Reporter Staffan Heimerson and Photographer Niclas Hammarström. Photo by Aftonbladet

View the story “Life during wartime in Aleppo” here…